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Grooming is very essential if you desire to have an attractive personality. No person is perfect with respect to looks, so if you feel you're not good enough, you can change the game with your grooming skills. Basically, I am here to introduce you to the grooming tips, every woman must follow. Go through the curated list below containing steps to groom yourself which is made just for you!

#1 Know your skin:

First step towards skin care is understanding your skin, This is a paramount step which cannot be ignored. Before you choose any skincare or makeup routine for your skin it is essential to analyse your skin type and be conscious about what works or doesn’t work for your skin. You are required to take a wider look at your face in order to notice your major skin concerns and treat them in the most effective manner.

#2 Take care of your skin:

Based on the results of the first step, you need to formulate an effective skin care routine at home. You can either keep it simple or elaborative, totally based on your choice. If not much, at least follow the bare minimum Cleansing-toning-moisturising routine.

#3 Monthly salon trips:

No matter how minimalist you are for skin and hair care, monthly round to the parlor can’t be ignored. In order to look well groomed and polished, it is very important to get your eyebrows done and upper lips hair removed.

#4 Minimal daily makeup:

Smearing too much makeup on a daily basis is not a good idea at all. Also, going all bare with no makeup at all too, does not look great. Opt for light compact powder with sheer coverage to be used on daily basis with a hint on gloss & kajal. This simple makeup look goes a long way in making you look presentable & well groomed.

#5 Regular haircut:

Haircut cannot be ignored when we are talking about a well-groomed personality. Make sure to opt for haircut according to your face shape. A right haircut can transform your personality completely. Also, get your hair trimmed regularly to avoid split ends and other hair woes.

#6 Smell Fresh Always:

Body odour is a very common and unpleasant problem that can affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem, so be wise and choose a right perfume for yourself. The one that suites your personality. Deodorants can be used to cut-off excessive sweating. Also waxing off underarm hair contributes to less body odour. Body cologne is a best idea to smell good for a longer time.

#7 Well shaped nails:

Keep those nails cut an short and tidy. Take some time out for grooming your finger and toe nails. Well-kept hands with neat, clean and healthy nails are desirable by one and all. Your nails form a very important part of your overall personality and they too need to be well taken care of.

#8 Well-fitted clothes:

Choosing your outfit based on your body type plays a very crucial role in making you look well groomed and attractive. Wearing clothes that fit well will not only look good but also make you feel better. Neither too lose nor too fit helps in portraying your personality, so always choose well-fitted clothes in colors which best suit your personality.

#9 Maintain fitness:

Exercise helps you to tone your body and loose excessive flab and if you have a fit body, you will look effortlessly good in everything you wear and do. A fit body is a great first impression you could make. So figure out an exercise regime for yourself based on your schedule and lifestyle.

#10 Appropriate shoes:

Choice of shoes can make or break your entire look. High heel and wedges works best with most outfits but you also go for trendy flats for a daily work routine. Choose your shoes wisely to look polished and to make an impact on others.

#11 Focus on your diet:

A good diet would not only help you lose extra weight, it would also help your skin look healthy and neat. A good diet also helps get rid of many metabolic disorders therefore, let food be thy medicine.

#12 Keep Eyebrows in Good Shape:

Perfectly-shaped eyebrows can help add dimension and definition to your face. Its best to keep it neat, by threading off the excessive hair.

#13 Dental Hygiene:

Bad breath is such a turnoff, irrespective of the gender. Pick your toothpaste carefully, it should leave your breath fresh and not stale. Flossing before bedtime should also be a part of your nighttime routine. Regular visits to the dentist is also recommended.

#14 Say no to sweaty clothes:

You can look sweaty and oily faced, but only after a good workout session in the gym. Change out of your sweaty clothes after your workouts to prevent body odor and breakouts. Put your clothes for laundry after each use to make them smell and feel fresh.

With this, I have put up all the steps that can help you turn yourself boring to dapper in just a few weeks. These tips have proven beneficial to millions of people around the world and I'd like one more added to the list. Do drop your reviews in the comment section .

Until then , take care and be safe :)

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