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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Grooming is very essential if you desire to have a dapper personality. No person is perfect with respect to looks, so if you feel you're not good enough, you can change the game with your grooming skills. Basically, I am here to introduce you to the grooming tips, every man must follow. Go through the curated list below containing steps to groom yourself which is made just for you!

# Maintain a clean face:

1. Wash your face 2-3 times daily -

  • Carry a face wash or a soap wherever you go.

2. Trim your beard regularly and correctly -

  • Always use shaving cream to get rid of irritation or red bumps after shaving.

  • Never shave against the growth of hair

  • Replace your razor head after a few uses (5-7 uses)

  • It's easier to shave right after a shower, when your skin is soft.

3. Use lip balm to fix cuts or nicks-

  • lip balm is easy to carry and is invisible when applied. It's waxy texture will seal the cut and clot the wound.

4. Apply face masks 2 to 3 times a week-

  • Orange/lemon and honey face pack for skin lightening.

  • Curd, Aloe Vera and orange/lemon face pack for cleansing.

  • Besan and sugarcane juice face mask for skin lightening.

  • Neem face pack for pimple and acne free skin.

  • Banana and papaya face pack for skin lightening.

5. Face masks that are available in the market-

  • Multani or other clay masks .

  • Hydrating masks .

  • Detox masks.

  • Antioxidant face masks.

6. Grow quality beard-

  • Usually when you grow a long beard, it turns dry and causes itching. To avoid this you must apply conditioner for 5 mins to the beard along with the hair while bathing this will keep the beard in good texture as the hair.

7. Trim your nails, nasal hair and ear hair-

  • All your efforts for looking neat will go in vain if you have hair peeking out of your nose or ear. Trim your visible hair daily with the help of a mini scissor.

  • To make your hands look presentable, you should trim your nails properly, the right time to shape your nails is after having a bath.

8. Shape your eyebrows-

  • Most of the men have shabby, densely grown eye-brows which makes the face look unneat . So for shaping the eyebrows properly you must go for threading.

  • If you have thin but shabby eyebrows you can easily pluck out the excessive hair with a plucker instead of threading.

  • Uni-brows are a big no for a dapper look.

9. Moisturise your skin-

  • Make a habit of applying a moisturising cream daily after having a bath or washing your face.

  • This will keep your face soft and keep your face away from either drying up or getting oily.

  • Analyze your skin type and then choose your moisturizer accordingly.

10. Trim your hair on regular intervals-

  • Cut your hair on regular intervals depending upon the growing time of your hair.

  • A good haircut will always add on to a dashing personality.

  • Regularly a person's hair grows quarter an inch every month, so it's advisable to get your hair trimmed one a month.

  • Don’t forget to shave the back of your neck.

11. Wear sunscreen before stepping out in the sun-

  • The UV rays emitted by the sun are not friendly to our skin and cause tan, wrinkles and make our skin age faster. To avoid all this take a lump of sunscreen and apply it on the exposed parts of the body whenever you step out in the sun.

# Always smell good!

1. Maintain good breath-

  • Always keep mint with you, so that you can use it when you feel the need to ward off bad breath.

  • If not mint, eating sugarless candies or chewing sugarless gum would instantly change bad breath into a pleasant taste.

  • Munching fruits like apples and carrots would elevate bad breath caused by hunger or fasting.

2. Find your signature scent-

  • Everybody likes good fragrance. People are most likely to find people attractive if they smell good. Choose a semi-strong scent that would suit your personality. Strong scents are usually harsh on the nose and usually females don’t like it.

  • Use Deodorant/Antiperspirant- The fact is that if you can’t smell your deodorant, doesn’t mean others can't. Deodorants are used to avoid the sweat smell and fight the bacteria in the armpits, while Antiperspirants are used to stop our body from producing sweat.

  • Powder your private parts to avoid sweating. Avoid using talc or menthol, instead use dusting powder.

#Take care of your skin

1. Take cold showers instead of hot showers-

  • Hot showers reduce the essential oils present in our skin as well as the scalp and eventually dries up the skin causing irritation.

  • Avoid using loofas, as they might disturb the natural oils present in the top layer of the skin.

  • Take care of the calluses with a Pumice stone.

2. Cut down excess hair -

  • We do not need to talk about chest hair popping out of your shirt for any reason. So better just chop it off. It will look much better that way.

With this, I have put up all the steps that can help you turn yourself boring to dapper in just a few weeks. These tips have proven beneficial to millions of people around the world and I'd like one more added to the list. Do drop your reviews in the comment section .

Until then , take care and be safe :)