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7 Common myths about hair highlights

For a very long time we've been consuming a lot of legends and myths about hair colouring, which do not have any connection with reality. Today we're going to debunk a few myths for you. So that next time you don't believe what comes in front rather spread the knowledge with your acquaintances.

Myth #1: Hair colouring damages the prototype of hair no matter what product is being used

The biggest myth about hair colouring is that it damages the prototype of hair or the nature of the hair. This is a false statement that must be stopped from spreading. Highlighting does not damage or decolor your natural hair, unless a low-quality product is used. Your hair will never lose grip of its original nature or its prototype. After a certain period of time, your hair will get back to its truer self, leaving no mark of damage done earlier.

Myth #2: Highlights only tend to work till its respective time limit.

Highlights surely can be lasted more than their time limit by taking proper care of your hair after you step out of the salon.

It is a widely spread misconception that you can never make the duration last longer than it is supposed to be. It is untrue. If you use conditioner really often, you can make the color of your hair stay a bit longer than its conventional period of time.

After-care plays a pivotal role in it. If you give your hair a proper aftercare, hair color tends to stick to it for an even longer while. The duration can be extended if you are willing to attend to your hair and provide them with proper nourishment every single day after stepping out of the salon.

Myth #3: Hair needs to be meticulously clean the moment you enter the salon for highlighting.

No, your hair does not need to be washed right before you enter the hair salon for a treatment. It is just not a prerequisite. Your clean or unclean hair is not going to make any difference to the color that is about to be instilled in your strands.

In fact, it is better to wash your hair 24 to 48 hours before starting the hair coloring treatment, that’s because, when your hair is plain and unprocessed, they can absorb the chemicals fairly quick though. No professional hair stylist or colorist would recommend you to wash your hair before highlighting albeit it is a must-to-do before straightening treatments like keratin etc.

Myth #4: Highlighting makes your hair look thinner as compared to before

When a select few strands would be colored, your hair is unlikely to look thinner or thicker, they are going to be as fine as they used to be before highlighting. Hair highlighting does not affect the proportion and/or volume of your hair in any way.

Highlighting is just meant to add a second dimension to your hair’s original color, it is just not meant to affect all the peripheral things like volume, proportion etc. Its main purpose is to give variation to the natural color of your hair, and it does not go overboard with anything.

Most of the women with balayage highlights are found with dense-looking hair, for instance. It does not change the fact of their hair being highlighted.

Myth #5 You should wash your hair before colouring.

This is an absolutely false statement, no hair professional would suggest washing your hair before colouring it, Neither freshly washed hair or long-since washed hair is ideal for coloring. If your hair hasn’t been washed in many days and is burdened with build-up, this isn’t helping too. Also, washing your hair the day of, or within a few hours of, isn’t best. There is a happy in-between to this: wash your hair a day or two before your appointment. If you’re a daily washer, the day before is good; if you’re a two-times-a-week washer, a day or two before is probably ok.

Myth #6 You should wash your hair right after colouring.

No, you should not wash your hair the same day you got your hair coloured. It’s best to give your hair some time before washing, usually professionals advice their clients not to wash their hair for 24 – 48 hours after getting a color treatment. Once you leave the salon the color is still locking in for at least a day. In order to get optimal results, you should leave the color on without shampooing to make sure that it processes fully.

Myth #7 Your hair will be burnt due to the dryer.

Keeping your hair under the dryer after colouring is actually preferred. After applying dye to your hair, your stylist should have you sit under a dryer, which heats up the hair and allows the color to absorb. A lot of my people complain that the heat from the dryer will burn or ruin their hair, but that is simply not true.

Infact going under the dryer speeds up the coloring process, similar to how the sun can lighten the hair after a few hours. So just go for it without any fear.

Finally, here are the 7 super common myths about hair highlights that you should not trust. Now you can freely go for a nice colour for your strands without worrying about damaging them or turning them grey after the highlights wear out.

Highlights show great results when you get it done from professionals. So its highly recommended to step into a premium salon like Spectrum Salon, that caters luxurious services and whose customer satisfaction is of highest priority.

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