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10 Common questions asked about Hair colouring

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Deciding whether to start coloring your hair is a big step if you have never done it before. You may be feeling a bit nervous especially after reading some of the myths and stories out there… hair falling out or brassy orange hair, just to name a few.  So to help put your mind at ease we came up with the top 8 commonly asked questions about coloring your hair.

#1 Should individuals with uncoloured hair use different hair color products than those who have previously colored their hair?

If it is you are getting your hair coloured for the first time then it is always advisable to use semi or demi permanent hair colour before going for the permanent treatment because you might or might not like your new hair colour.

#2 How can I test-run a color before committing to colouring my entire hair?

Do a strand test! Basically, you just color a tiny little portion of hair that no one will see, like at the back of your hair. If you like what you see and the colour and product suit you then go colour your full head.

#3 Does hair type (curly or straight, dry or oily, coarse or fine) affect color timing?

Yes, coarse hair takes more time to absorb color, so it requires a longer timing. Fine hair generally takes lesser time to absorb color so it requires a shorter timing. Do a strand test before colouring your whole head to ensure you have the timing down.

#4 I want to go from my natural dark color to a much lighter color. What’s the best way to do that?

The best way of going lighter from a naturally dark color is to do highlights as these are the best option to keep the integrity of your hair if your hair has not been coloured before.

#5 How often should I shampoo my hair after receiving a color service?

After colouring your hair wait for at least 24-48 hours before shampooing your hair. Try to limit your washing to 3 times a week if you have a more intense color like red or dark blue.

#6 Should I color my hair myself or should I go to a professional?

For better results, you should definitely go to a professional. A professional hair stylist will be able to consult with you on what color would look best with your skin tone. Also, having a professional do a strand test is the best way to make sure you are not allergic to the products and to ensure that your hair will get the desired results you are looking for with out damaging the hair.

#7 Will coloring my hair damage it?

If you are using a permanent hair colour you have to lift the hair using a hydrogen peroxide (developer). This process raises or opens up the cuticle layer of the hair to allow the color molecules to penetrate the cortex depositing the color which could damage the hair if not done properly. If you use the wrong level of peroxide or if you constantly change your hair color (over-processing) this is what will cause the damage to your hair. However, if you use a semi-permanent or demi-permanent they will help add extra shine and condition to the hair but will only last a couple of shampoos.

#8 What’s the difference between semi-permanent, demi- permanent and permanent?

Semi-permanent hair color does not contain peroxide so it can not lift the hair, therefore it can only make the hair darker and not lighter. The color will only last about six to twelve shampoos because it only deposits the hair color on the outermost layer of the hair. This is a good choice to try if you are afraid you may not like the color. Also, semi-permanent will enhance the shine and condition of the hair since it is not lifting.

Demi-Permanent hair color contains low amounts of peroxide which unlike semi-permanent, it can lighten the hair slightly. Demi-permanent deposits the color between the cuticle and cortex therefore making it last longer, anywhere from 12 – 26 washes.

Permanent hair color just as the name suggests, it is a permanent hair color and will last until the colored strands grow out. Permanent hair color can light hair up to 4 levels anything more than that is not recommended as it can cause damage to the hair.

#9 How long do I have to wait before re-coloring my hair with a different color?

This all depends on the condition of your hair. It is best to consult with your hair stylist about your options. If you have damaged hair, it is probably best to wait until your hair is in better condition or until the color grows out. If you don’t like the color of your hair, talk to your stylist about a color corrective service.

#10 Can I get color and hi-lights all on the same day?

Yes, as long as your hair is in good condition they can color your hair and then add hi-lights.

Getting your hair coloured might be a tough decision to make, but one thing i can asssure is that it is totally worth it. Whether you decide to get your full hair coloured or to get few highlights they are all good in their own beautiful ways. So I'd highly suggest you to keep your fears aside and just go for it!

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